How to Put a Condom on Someone

Try something different next time you're putting a condom on your man.

How to Put a Condom on Someone

By: Kat George

It should go without saying that condoms are an essential part of safe sex. Unfortunately, stopping mid-foreplay in order to roll one on can be a bit of a mood killer – but that's only if you're robotic and systematic about it. The next time you're pre-coitus, don't sit idly by as your partner puts on the rubber glove. Grab a condom and take matters into your own hands. As it turns out, there's more than one way to unroll a condom, and some of these techniques just might surprise – and turn on – your partner.

A Twist on Tradition
Sometimes the tried and tested ways are the best. When your bedroom romp has become so hot you can barely handle it, your man will naturally reach for a condom. But instead of letting him put it on, carefully tear the wrapper open yourself and seductively unroll it over him. Maintain eye contact as you slowly squeeze the condom down his shaft with your hands to put a sexy spin on tradition.

Use Your Mouth
Who said condoms can only be put on with hands? Use a flavored condom like Durex® Tropical® Flavors Flavored Condoms to put a fruity taste in your mouth, and prepare to literally blow his mind. Position the condom as you normally would at the tip of his penis, and then gently ease your mouth over it, using your lips and tongue to unroll it over his shaft.

Make It Part of the Process
One of the very few complaints people may have about condoms is that the pause it takes to put one on can be a sexual mood killer. But why pause at all? When you're ready do the deed, take the condom and hold it at the tip of his penis, and then straddle his body. Slowly unroll the condom down his shaft, following with your lowered body so that he enters you. Use Durex® Invisible™ Condoms for increased sensitivity.

Sharing Is Caring
You're in the bedroom together, so why not make the condom unrolling a joint venture? After all, it really does take two to horizontally tango. When you have the condom in your hand, let your man guide you in the process of putting it on. Together, make your movements sensual so he feels pleasure as the condom unrolls. Likewise, let him touch you throughout, so that putting on the condom becomes part of mutual foreplay.


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