How to Make Her Feel Sexy

Genuine compliments and gestures help a woman feel sexy.

How to Make Her Feel Sexy

By: August McLaughlin

Sophia Loren once said that nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she's beautiful. And helping a woman feel and believe that she's sexy can work much the same way. Make your partner feel irresistible with your words and actions – and you'll likely draw her closer to you.

Compliment Her

Every woman wants to hear that she's sexy and attractive – especially from the man in her life. When you're blown away by her sexiness, don't keep it to yourself. Compliment her. Let her know when her outfit brings out the color of her eyes or how her hair flatters her face and shoulders. While making love, tell her how much you love the feel of her skin, or how she moves and the soft curves of her body. Tell her you can't get enough of her.

Kiss Her Passionately

Little makes a woman feel sexy and desired like passionate kisses. To show her just how much you want her, kiss her slowly and sensuously, exploring her lips and mouth like you're discovering them for the first time. Also keep in mind that kissing can help alleviate stress, which plays a big role in how a woman feels about herself. If she's had a tough day, smooch the stress away. Erotic kisses pave the way for wetness elsewhere as well. In other words, they can lead to a full brain and body turn-on.

Lead by Example

Making yourself more desirable shows her that you desire her, too. Dress up for her, swapping your usual jeans and tee for slacks and a dress shirt for dinner dates. While lazing around at home, groom yourself and wear fresh, clean clothes. While you're at it, mention how her sexiness makes you want to look and feel your best.

Initiate Sex

Women sometimes fantasize about being swept into sex and ravaged by a lover, according to sex and relationships therapist Laura Berman, Ph.D. Fulfilling that desire is a sure way to show her how irresistible you find her, making her feel ultra-sexy as a result. Initiating sex more subtly can do the same. Start with her favorite forms of foreplay, surprise her with a new sex toy, or massage her starting at the neck or shoulders and then extending to all her sexiest places.


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