How to Make a Woman Orgasm

It doesn't have to be difficult to help your woman reach orgasm.

How to Make a Woman Orgasm

By: Kat George

The female orgasm is often thought of as an elusive thing, but with the right knowledge and technique, it doesn't have to be. You can help your woman achieve orgasm simply by learning about her: where to touch and when, what her most sensitive areas are and what she likes the most during sex. Of course, when she receives pleasure, you will too – always an added bonus.

Engage in Foreplay
While you might find yourself ready for sex as soon as you hop into bed, your lady might need a little bit more stimulation. Take your time with foreplay to really get her in the mood. Using Durex® Massage & Play Sensual, give her a sexy massage. Before you know it, she'll be relaxed and very turned on, making it easier for her to reach orgasm.

Explore Other Parts
For a woman, an orgasm isn't just concentrated in her downstairs area. Be sure to explore other parts of her body with touches and kisses to bring her closer to orgasm. Kissing her earlobes, neck, lower tummy and inner thighs can be just as sensual as the act of sex itself, as can running your hands through her hair or cupping her breasts. Don't limit yourself to obvious stimulation alone, and be sure to give her a whole body experience that will bring her closer to the finish line.

Ask Her What She Wants
The easiest trick you can use to bring your partner to climax is simple: Just ask. Ask her what she likes, and then do that. After all, she knows what works best, and you're not a mind reader. If what she wants is extra stimulation, help her (and yourself!) with Durex® Play® Delight Intimate Massager and really give her some directed attention. Be sure to listen to her desires, and follow her instructions when you're getting hot and heavy.

Listen for Cues
Besides asking for explicit instructions from your woman, listen for other cues as well. Is she moaning when you touch her? Does she move toward you when you do certain things? Her body language and vocals should help guide you when you're romping between bedsheets, so be sure to follow her natural lead. The more in tune you are with her reactions, the sooner you'll be able to bring her to orgasm.

Relax and Have Fun
Sex is supposed to be fun, so don't put too much pressure on your partner to climax – or on yourself to get her there. Sometimes it will happen, and sometimes it might not. Sex can still be a pleasurable experience for both parties even without orgasm, so indulge in the act rather than stressing out about what you think should be happening and when. The more relaxed you both are, the easier it will be for her to orgasm, so let go and enjoy the moment.


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