How to Increase Sexual Stamina With Yoga

Deep breathing from yoga can lead to some heavy breathing in the bedroom.

How to Increase Sexual Stamina With Yoga

By: Natasha Burton

If you've never been to a yoga class before – and even if you have – you might write it off as merely a touchy-feely, relaxing activity. Sure, there's plenty of stretching and breathing, but there's also a whole lot of hot sex preparation, too. 

Yes, perhaps more than any other workout, yoga is pretty amazing for your sex life. From the postures themselves to the physical skills you hone within each class, yoga provides a number of sexy benefits when you're in the bedroom. So keep a condom handy, and read on to find out how to use yoga to your carnal advantage.

Find Your Flex

Many of the poses in yoga are designed to help your body reach its full potential, flexibility wise. Being able to bend and contort yourself in interesting ways not only helps you get even more creative with your sex positions, but it also helps your stamina in the bedroom, too. The stronger and leaner your muscles are, the less likely they are to cramp up when you're in the middle of getting it on.

Control Your Breath

Deep, audible breathing is one of the most important components of yoga – even more important than the poses. This breath helps clear the mind, but also promotes concentration. It can cool the body (with open mouth exhales) or heat it up (with closed mouth exhales). Being able to control your breath allows you to control other body functions and, well, harness your sexy-time chi. This comes in handy when you're trying to last longer in the moment.

Think Yourself Aroused

Yoga, like meditation, helps you strengthen your abilities to visualize and manifest energy. Both practices also help you stay in the present. Combined, these skills allow you to hone in on everything you're feeling when you're in bed – and help you put your imagination to better use when you're not. In this way, your mind can become a valuable tool for turning – and keeping – you on.

Flex Your Pelvic Muscles

Some of the poses and breathing exercises in yoga class actually focus on strengthening those little, yet crucial, down-there muscles. Often referred to as kegels when associated with women, these tightening motions actually work for guys too. They not only help you last longer in bed, but they can actually allow you to turn yourself on quicker, or even time your orgasm with your partner's more effectively. Malasana (known as frog-squat pose) is great for making stronger pelvic floor muscles, leading you toward better sex.

Try Some Sexy Poses

As far as specific poses for your sex life go, yoga offers a variety – so you don't need to be able to balance on one arm to reap the between-the-sheets benefits. Cat-cow sequence (undulating your spine from curved up to curved down while on all fours) is a great way to rhythmically get into the mood, while baddha konasana (sitting up with your knees wide and feet together) opens up your hips to prepare you for getting it on later. Heart openers (any stance that stretches your chest and pec muscles) are also helpful poses for strengthening your lower back.


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