How to Have Fantastic Foreplay

Getting creative can make foreplay even better.

By: August McLaughlin

Foreplay is more act in the bedroom. It's an awesome way to connect with your partner and keeps the passion alive in your relationship — all while building anticipation of the spicy fun to come. Take your time and get creative, knowing there's endless fun to be had.

Touch and Be Touched

Touch is a mighty turn on — especially if you explore more than the typical terrain. To bring a sense of adventure to foreplay, touch each other everywhere with a full body massage. Pay special attention to parts less often caressed, such as the inner thigh and lower back. Lightly trace your fingers over each other, gradually increasing the intensity. For added bliss, use Durex® Massage and Play Sensual Lubricant, a massage gel and lube in one.

Go For Oral

Sixty-nine invites big time pleasure, says sex and relationships therapist Laura Berman, PhD. You could even end up climaxing at the same time — intentionally or not. Use your hands for extra stimulation, exploring with your fingers as well as your tongue. Mix it up by shifting your pace and movements. Start slow and steady, for example, then switch to quick flicks of the tongue with more pressure.

Start at Breakfast

No, you don't have to get busy at the breakfast table — but starting the day with foreplay in mind lets anticipation build up all day long, making way for intense pleasure later. Give her a long, sexy kiss before you head off to your daily work. Send each other alluring text messages while you're apart. Remind her of the new sex toy you can't wait to try together later.

Get Playful

Turn your bedroom into an adult-style playground. Blindfold her then ravish her body, using your tongue, lips and hands. Make foreplay last by setting a timer for ten minutes or longer. Until the time runs out, don't allow any penetration. This builds giddiness and turns both of you on while encouraging creativity. To keep fresh ideas at the ready, fill a jar with your foreplay fantasies, written on small strips of paper. Each time you make love, pull a strip out and act on it.

Take a Sensual Shower

Not only will a warm shower relax you, keeping stress from serving as a buzzkill, but there's nothing sexier than wet and wild fondling. Wash each other, taking your time to massage where it counts. Let sex unfold right there behind the curtain, or towel off and move it to the bedroom.


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