How to Be a Better Kisser

Go from being a good kisser to an excellent one.

How to Be a Better Kisser

By: Kat George

Even if you’re already confident in your kissing skills, there’s always room for improvement. Because kissing can sometimes be subjective, trying new things and adapting will always work in your favor. There are some obvious no-nos, of course – like tongue biting or excessive licking – but some universal tips can help you improve your kissing prowess.

With a few simple steps you can transform from a good kisser to an excellent one. So pucker up, because there's nothing quite like giving unforgettable lip.

Don’t Be Too Aggressive With Your Tongue

When you were younger, kissing was all about the spin-cycle tongue. But now that you’re all grown up, it’s imperative that you don’t shove your tongue down your partner’s throat so that she's gasping for air. There’s a difference between firm kissing (sexy) and being overly forceful (not sexy); so don’t go all in, tongue blazing, straight off the bat.

Follow the Leader

Tune in with the person you’re kissing. If she's going slow and soft, follow suit. Being a good kisser has a lot to do with recognizing the physical cues the other person is giving you. Listen to her breathing to set the pace, and match the motion and firmness of her mouth to give a really good, unforgettable kiss.

Use Your Hands

Kissing isn’t just in the mouth. Use your hands, too. Place them gently on your partner’s hips, lower back, or run them through her hair. There’s something very sexy about holding the person you’re kissing. If things start taking a more physical turn, pull out a condom and keep it close by but out of sight – she’ll appreciate your preparedness. Then the whole body really gets in on the action.

Make It Meaningful

Kissing is always better when it means something. Look into your partner's eyes, and pull her body close to yours before you begin. Let your kisses linger to show how you feel and to create sexual heat. Don't rush to sex, but rather, enjoy the path and the act of passionately locking lips.

Don’t Be Too Repetitive

Once you've found a rhythm, don't be afraid to deviate. Doing the same motion over and over again can get boring. So, when you're kissing, be sure to mix it up a bit. Kiss softly, then harder. Stop to stroke your partner's hair or face or to giggle together. There's nothing that says you have to stick to a hard-and-fast kissing schedule – memories will be made when you're relaxed while you kiss.


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