Hollywood's Sexiest Women of All Time

Five leading ladies that sizzle

Hollywood's Sexiest Women of All Time

By: Zoe Wilder

Hollywood's leading ladies captivate hearts, touch souls and make you feel alive in all the right places. With a flair for the dramatic and a sense of sophisticated style, it's no wonder they have us swooning over them, making appearances in our fantasies and taking center stage in our dreams. These five Hollywood actresses ooze sex appeal for days with skills to play any character our minds can imagine.

Marilyn Monroe

Few icons have received more attention for beauty than Marilyn Monroe. But did you know she was immensely smart, too? Her cunning ability to drive her career into global superstardom and maneuver the tough industry of Hollywood film is commendable. Monroe studied literature and history at UCLA, was a big fan of Kerouac and wrote daft and alluring poetry. Her previously unpublished works were recently made public in a book called "Fragments," and offer an intriguing look inside the mind of one of the world’s greatest sex symbols.

Lauren Ambrose

Complex Magazine recognizes Lauren Ambrose's diverse acting skills (she's performed on Broadway!) as well as her ability to drive men wild. Slyly funny and subtly provocative, this "Six Feet Under" star and Hollywood producer is a joy to watch in all her movies. Her role in "Can’t Hardly Wait" alongside Seth Green is a '90s cult classic. One of the movie’s most notable scenes involves an early and sexually naive Seth Green wrestling a backpack full of condoms while spilling lube all over the bathroom floor, somehow leading to the loss of his virginity to Ambrose. Lucky guy!

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan, recognized by Nerve.com as one of "The 50 Greatest Female Sex Symbols in Film History," is outright gorgeous. Not only is she a looker, but she’s adamant about combating sexism in Hollywood. It takes a brave woman to stand up to a male-dominated industry, and she does it with charm and grace. Roles as Elvis’s leading lady Ann-Margret, the iconic Betty Boop and Jackie-O firmly secure Ms. McGowan as a superstar. And her tough girl characters in Tarantino flicks reinforce her as a vixen and a force to be reckoned with.

Maria Schneider

Maria Schneider received big props from Complex Magazine for starring in one of "The 25 Most Important Full Frontal Nude Scenes in Movies." Perhaps most widely known to her native French audience, Schneider made her splash in one of the most controversial films of all-time, Bertolucci’s Oscar-winning "Last Tango in Paris," co-starring alongside Marlon Brando. Both then and now, after enduring a young entrance into blockbuster film making, a meteoric rise to fame and the film’s subsequent global backlash, all at just 20 years old, Schneider is an icon of intellect, beauty and resilience.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is a triple threat: singer, dancer and actress. Plus, she plays guitar and piano. From Disney's squeaky clean "High School Musical" to Harmony Korine's super edgy "Spring Breakers," she's covered all the bases. Relatable and adorable, she's the perfect girl-next-door with a hint of naughty underneath. Even her leaked sex tape and naked photos can't tarnish her innocence. It's no surprise she keeps making FHM's and Maxim's Sexiest Women in the World lists.


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