Girls and Tech: How to Date a Modern Woman

Dating in the tech world doesn't have to be overwhelming.

By: Kat George

Dating in the modern world can be confusing. With technology, sometimes you can't tell if a "like" means someone is flirting with you, or if they're just gaga for your puppy pictures. Modern women are hyper-aware of this and have certain standards of behavior when it comes to phones, social media and email. Navigating this terrain isn't always as simple as, say, a phone call used to be. But in the era of high-tech romance, talking the modern talk sometimes means figuring out exactly when to favorite a tweet or tag a photo.

Always Respond

Women know that you might be busy, and don't always see a text, email or social media mention right away. But when you do notice that the woman you're dating has made contact, respond – don't put it off for hours, let alone days. There's no need to play the “three-day rule” game anymore. Efficiently responding is an easy way to show someone you care, and that you're paying attention. Besides, shooting off a text or an email only takes 30 seconds out of your day – in other words, minimal effort is required, so commit to doing it.

Put Your Phone Away

There's a time and a place for everything including technology. When you're out for dinner, pocket your phone. When you're with your lady, focus your attention on her, not on Twitter. It's so easy to get swept up with screens these days – being able to look away is actually considered commendable. You're not going to miss anything if you don't check your phone for a couple of hours, and you'll make her feel special by giving her your undivided attention. When the two of you are alone, put your phone on silent. Think of it this way: The only tech vibrations a woman should be feeling in the bedroom should be from a vibrator.

Communicate on Social Media

During the day, tag your girl in photos you think she will like, or post a link to her Facebook wall. She'll love the little surprise when she checks her social media accounts, and it will show her that you're not only thinking about her, but that you're in tune with her interests. Besides, everyone loves a cute dog post. It's also a great way to show her that you're into her, and proud to display that publicly. Translation: You'll give her the warm and fuzzies on the inside.

Delete Your Dating Apps

They say chivalry is dead, but it’s not. While modern women might pay for their own dinners and buy their own jewelry, you can still display good, old-fashioned chivalry. Deleting your dating apps when you start seeing a woman you like is a great way to be romantic with a small gesture. It shows masculine decisiveness, and lets your lady know that you’re not playing the technology dating game while seeing her.

Encourage Her Independence

With so many ways to keep in contact, sometimes it’s important to give your partner a breather. Don’t constantly text her when you know she’s seeing her friends or busy with work. Check in and say hi, but save lengthy digital conversations for when you know she’s got time. Modern women are busy – so are you – and just because you can be in constant contact, it doesn’t mean you have to be. Save some things for face-to-face too; not everything has to be communicated online, even for a technology addict.


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