Gain Sexual Confidence

Boost your sexual confidence.

Gain Sexual Confidence

It's easy to assume that everyone is confident in the bedroom except for you, but in reality, most people have some insecurities or concerns about sex. Though it may take a little work, there are easy ways to boost your sexual confidence.

"Regular self love helps build sexual confidence."

  1. Be honest: That doesn't mean listing everything that you think is wrong about yourself to your partner, but instead tell your lover if you feel shy, nervous or insecure, so that he or she doesn't push you beyond your comfort zone. Admitting nervousness can actually be a show of sexual confidence.
  2. Masturbate: Regular self-love helps build sexual confidence. It helps you understand your body better — and appreciate it more.
  3. Be informed: Learn the basics of male or female anatomy and ask your lover what he or she likes. You don't need to be a mind reader or contortionist to be a great lover — just care about your partner's pleasure (and your own).
  4. Cover up: When you're insecure about a particular part of your body, you may feel more confident covering that area up.  However, don't see this as a permanent solution: it's simply a step in the road to help you build up your sexual confidence enough to get naked. You can rest assured that if a lover wants to have sex with you, they like what they see.
  5. Dress up: Again, this is a step along the road rather than an ultimate solution, but some people find it's easier to be sexual if they get dressed up in sexy lingerie, or even wear a mask (think Venetian masked ball rather than George Bush). It may sound silly but clothes help us play roles, and acting as if you're sexually confident is one of the easiest ways to become sexually confident.
  6. Get fit: Exercise and healthy living don't just make you look better — you'll feel more emotionally resilient too, and you'll be stronger for longer bedroom sessions. Better yet, exercise with your lover so you both benefit from pumping endorphins and extra stamina. Sexual confidence means accepting who you are and what you want so you can share it with someone.


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