Does He Need to Wear a Condom if We Shower Together?

Practice safe sex, even while you're steaming it up.

Does He Need to Wear a Condom if We Shower Together?

By: Zoe Wilder

A super fun way of conducting foreplay (and afterplay, for that matter) with your sexy significant other is sharing a hot and steamy shower together. When you take your time in the shower, getting sudsy and making sure every square inch of each other is clean, it can be a big turn-on. Sometimes it’s such a big turn-on, it’s hard to keep things PG rated. The temptation to bump it up a notch or two – or three – is powerful. However, you'll need to practice safe sex even if you're in the shower, so leave a pack of Durex® Intense Sensation™ Studded Condoms on the bathroom counter for easy access. That way you don’t have to travel far to go all the way.

Patience Is Key

It’s easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment, but patience is important. Be sure to make sure you’re finished using soaps, shampoos, conditioners and bath oils before you put on the condom. Ingredients in those products may damage the effectiveness of a condom, which could lead to breakage. Once you’re all clean, you can get dirty.

Water-Based Lubricants Make a Good Addition

When you’re getting busy in the shower, it’s easy for the lubricant to wash away. For that reason, it’s good to stand out of the water stream. Less lubrication means you’ll experience more friction. Have a bottle of lube such as Durex® Massage & Play Intensify on hand to keep things gliding. Feel free to generously apply as much water-based lubricant as necessary.

What about Hot Tubs and Pools?

Research is inconclusive about the effectiveness of condoms under water, but the chances of slippage and tearing are greater under these conditions. Also, hot water can weaken the latex. Just be mindful of these issues. However, it’s always better to use a condom than to not use one. It may behoove you to move the party to a dry surface nearby to ensure maximum protection.

Other Things to Consider

Standing up may be easier to maneuver than sitting down, and hold on to sturdy soap dishes for support. But, no matter what, slippery surfaces are tricky. Nothing is worse than bumping your head or a trip to the ER when all that is on your mind is a good time. So if you want to really play it safe, reserve your shower fun to foreplay. Washing, touching, massaging and oral sex are great ways to play in the shower. Save sex for afterwards.




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