Discreet Ways to Tell Your Partner You Want Sex

Subtlety can be very sexy.

Discreet Ways to Tell Your Partner You Want Sex

By: Zoe Wilder

When you want sex, you just want it, right? The problem is that sometimes communicating your desires to your partner can be a bit of a challenge. Using the wrong words or being too forward might be turn-offs, whereas subtlety can scream sexy. Even if discreet hinting isn't your usual style, your partner could find it exceedingly hot, making your efforts well worthwhile.

Put It on Paper

The love note is one of the most tried and true expressions of desire. But with the rise of technology, it's becoming something of a lost art. Still, it's a perfect way to win your partner's heart and attention. Sure, you can break out your inner Shakespeare if you want, but there's no need to overthink it. Something as simple as "I want you now" will work. It also doesn't matter if you use romantic stationery or a post-it note that you stick on the bathroom mirror. Either way, your message is loud and clear.


Whether you whisper sweet nothings, or naughty somethings, your hot breath tickling your partner’s ears is arousing and difficult to ignore. This is the crème de la crème of sexual come-ons. And if you get lucky, your lover might even reciprocate. Chances are, you'll be sealing the deal with a passionate kiss, reaching for yourDurex® Performax® Intense and spending the evening in ecstasy.

Dress For Sex

For men, sexy boxers or silk pajamas can set the mood, while seductive, lacy or satiny lingerie works well for women looking to seduce. Surprise your partner by changing into something provocative. The choices are as limitless as your imagination. Experiment and play with it a bit. Get creative. Add a bow tie or top hat. Wear thigh highs or stilettos and a sheer shirt. Or, consider going commando under your clothes. Just be sure to show a bit of skin. You can go from a pair of boring couch potatoes to hot in-the-sack in seconds when you dress – or undress – to impress your special someone.

Use Body Language

Maybe it's a raise of the eyebrow or a flirty smile. You can tell you partner what you want without uttering a word. A simple touch is another way to communicate what you're thinking. Let you legs connect or stroke your partner's knee. Keep in mind that humor can work here, too. A flick of the tongue, a hand motion or a nod toward the bedroom can all be subtle cues that you're in the mood to play. It's also fun to learn each other's cues and to develop new ones together.



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