Best Places to Have Vacation Sex

When feeling frisky, try these steamy spots.

Best Places to Have Vacation Sex

By: Kat George

You're on vacation with your significant other. Things start to get hot and heavy. You're in an exotic location – maybe by the beach or in a fancy hotel – so why wouldn't things start to take a sexy turn? On your adventure far from home, venture away from the bed for some seriously steamy holiday sex. 

On the Beach

Sex on the beach is the ultimate vacation fantasy. Find a secluded spot behind an outcropping of rocks or sand dunes, lay down a towel (to keep the sand away from your private bits) and commune with nature. Alternatively, wait until nightfall and go for a skinny dip under the sparkling moonlight. For a condom designed to maximize sensitivity, use Durex® Invisible™ Condoms.

In the Hotel Pool

If your hotel doesn't lock up the pool at night, you're in luck. Make sure you have total privacy, and when all the other guests have retired for the evening, scoot down to the pool, slip off your bathing suits, and enjoy some sexy time immersed in the water. Romantic bonus if your hotel pool has a mini waterfall you can kiss beneath. Not in an aquatic mood? Find a nearby cabana.

On Your Balcony

If you're lounging in your hotel room and things start to get frisky, you can still take the fun outside. In your robes, head out to the balcony, and discreetly let the sides fall apart as you begin your romp. If you're in a natural looking position – with the man behind the woman in an embrace against the railing – anyone glancing up will be none the wiser to your true naughtiness. After all, you're just gazing romantically into the distance.

At a Scenic Lookout

Part of a vacation is the change of scenery, so why not incorporate your environment into your sexy adventures? Hike, drive or take public transportation to a location with a beautiful view. It could be the top of a forested mountain, or a beachside cliff lookout. When you get there, find a private spot that peers out at the gorgeous view, and take in your surroundings while you take in each other.

In the Back of Your Rental Car

You might have been in high school the last time you got it on in the backseat. Now that you're old enough to go on vacation, you can recreate that nostalgic lust with an upscale twist. If you need a car for transport on your holiday, rent a spacious vintage convertible. Park it in an empty lot, behind some trees, or even on the side of the road for some spontaneous traveling action.


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