Be Prepared for a One-Night Stand

Boy Scout 101: Be prepared with Durex

Be Prepared for a One-Night Stand

By: Kat George

Being "on the prowl" is so passé – but who doesn't want to be prepared for a steamy, spur-of-the-moment sexual encounter with a stranger? That's simple Boy Scout 101. You don't want to be in the situation where you meet someone vastly attractive, but find you're completely unprepared to go home with her. Don't leave the house unprepared – it's like grandma always told you: "Wear clean underwear in case you're hit by a bus." But in this case the bus is a random hottie.

Be Well Groomed

Showering is very important to personal hygiene (duh!). If you're heading out for a night on the town and there's every possibility your night could end naked in bed with someone, you want to smell the part. Shower before you leave the house, spritz on a bit of cologne and dress in freshly washed clothes. Confidence is key. And if below-the-belt grooming is your thing, mow your downstairs lawn so you feel like your best self.

Wear Nice Underwear

Everyone has that favorite pair of underwear with the holes in the waist band that they just can't bring themselves to throw out. But as endeared as you are to our old undies, you don't want to be caught with your pants down – at least not in that particular pair. It's not because there's anything wrong with your threadbare jocks, it's just that a new, hole-free pair is much sexier. And a one-night stand should be as sexy as possible. Get yourself in some well-fitting, clean new underpants so you're prepared to wow in the bedroom.

Have Condoms Ready

The most important thing you need for a one-night stand is a condom, so keep a few unexpired condoms in your bedside table, or on your person. Opt for something like Durex's RealFeel® non-latex, which have a real, skin-on-skin feeling. For a one-time encounter, keep it as simple and pleasurable as possible with these condoms that will keep everyone safe, stimulated and satisfied.

Clean Your Place

If you're heading home with someone for a one-night stand, there's a 50/50 chance you'll wind up back at your own digs. In that event, you want to have an impressive – not to mention romantic – space. Fresh sheets, a neat bedroom and uncluttered living area are all important to creating a relaxing and sexy atmosphere. Remember, there's nothing hot about piles of laundry on the floor or soiled, smelly sheets. Take 10 minutes before you leave the house to make sure your place is tidy and clean. And if you're feeling extra lucky, keep some candles on hand and even a romantic record in your player to set the mood when you get home.





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