Adding More Fun to Your Sex Life

Learn to liven up your love life

Adding More Fun to Your Sex Life

By: August McLaughlin

Fun may be the most important F-word in a happy, lasting relationship. Cultivating playfulness and adventure in your sex life can help keep the intimacy and hotness going strong. Remember, a little creativity and a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone go a long way to spicing things up in the bedroom.

Try New Places

Your bed may be the comfiest place to get it on, but trying new locales can bring a sense of adventure and newness. Have sex by candlelight in your living room, or under the stars in your backyard. Make it a goal to have sex in every room of your house. For a bolder option, hike to a private spot and get down and playful on a blanket or soft grass. Or slip into your workplace or office after hours and get busy behind closed doors.

Play Sexy Games

You don't want to play games with her heart, but playing games in the bedroom could help make it – and other parts of her – swell. Have a blindfolded taste test with different flavors of a food, such as ice cream. Spoon-feed her or have her eat goodies off parts of your body or mouth-to-mouth. When she guesses the right flavor, give her options of things you will do to her, such as giving her a mini-massage or inserting avibrator. Take turns for equal giving-and-receiving pleasure. To play the "Try Not to Have Sex" game, work hard to seduce each other, without having sex. Make it more challenging by not allowing each other to touch. It may sound counter-intuitive, but little is as enticing as sexual tension.

Share Spicy Notes or Poetry

Words can be a huge turn on. Jot down fantasies about your lover down, and compile them into a spicy love letter or poem to send her by email, text or old-fashioned letter. Just knowing you're thinking lustfully about her could add mega passion later on. Not sure where to start? Share excerpts from erotic novels or love poems. Sneak them into her purse or read them to her out loud in bed.

Recreate Your First Romantic Date

Fun sex often derives from having fun together with your clothes on. Surprise your partner with a nostalgic date. Romantic surprises show you care about her pleasureoutsidethe bedroom, and a walk down memory lane will take you both back to those punch-drunk falling-in-love days.

If your early dates lacked romance, show her what you'd do differently in a take two. Plan a picnic of her favorite foods to eat before a sunset, for example, or serenade her with a meaningful song. Even if you're no virtuoso, she'll likely appreciate the effort.




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