7 Afternoon Delight Essentials

Get it on in the sun.

7 Afternoon Delight Essentials

Getting in some nightly satisfaction with your partner is great, but maybe you two want to spice things up by getting busy in the afternoon. Who knows? Maybe in the light, everything will be a whole lot hotter. Not sure how to go about changing up your together time? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of tips to help your sexy transition...

1. Set the mood

It can be difficult to feel romantic during the time of day you two might normally be running errands, doing chores or going to work. Lower the blinds a bit, or go in a less-lit room of the house, and light a few large candles with relaxing scents like lavender or clove.


2. Take your time

There’s no need to dive into this midday tryst with trumpets and flags. Go slowly, sensually and ease into it. The longer the build-up, the better the payoff.


3.  Use your hands

Take turns using massage lubricant on one another to increase desire, but make sure the lotion goes along with your present mood. If it’s been an exhausting week and you both just want to have a calm afternoon together, try a lube like Durex’s Soothing Touch; for a more hot & heavy time, opt instead for Intensify; for a healing engagement, try Sensual.


4. Upgrade your surroundings

Isn’t hotel sex the best? I’ll answer my own question: yes, yes it is. But since very few people can afford to hop over to a hotel every time they want some afternoon delight, why not just make the existing surroundings more appealing? Add a few snazzy lamps, sheets with a higher thread count, a few throw pillows … voila! You’ve updated your room for sexytime.


5. Enjoy the view

One of the best things about daytime sex is the fact that you can reallyseeyour bodies in their beautiful, wonderful, sexy entirety. Unfortunately, this same factor can make your insecurities more prevalent. To make you both feel extra confident, be sure to vocalize the aspects of one another’s appearance that turn you on the most.


6. Get adventurous

There’s nothing quite like exploring new territory with your favorite person, whether it’s on a hike, road trip or in the sack together. Ever try toys together? Trust us, they’re excellent. But if neither of you have ever used a vibrator in bed, it can be a little scary at first. Start small with something like the Play Vibrations Connect Vibrating Ring to get frisky together without going too far away from your typical routine. Wanna feel like you’re really on vacation? Add a tropical-flavored condom into the mix! Plain lube is boring, anyway.


7. Take a mini-vacation

Play hooky from work so you two can not only get a break from work, you can also spend extra time together that won’t be full of pressure or time constraints. Unplug your phones, tablets and laptops and just enjoy each other’s company for the day. Plus, both of you will be so relaxed, you’ll even feel ready and able for multiple rounds (wink, wink)!


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