5 Ways to Recover from an Awkward Kiss

Recovering from an awkward kiss is all about what you do afterwards.

5 Ways to Recover from an Awkward Kiss

By: Kat George

An awkward kiss early in a relationship can be a real mood killer, but it doesn't have to be a total disaster. You can bounce back from an awkward kiss – even on a first date – and end up having some pretty amazing kisses after it. Recovering from a less-than-stellar smooch relies completely on what you do afterward; after all, you can't move past it if you continue being awkward.

Laugh It Off

An awkward kiss isn't the end of the world, so don't treat it like it is. Acknowledge that you bumped noses, or that your movements were poorly timed; laugh with your partner, and move on. Laughter is always the best medicine in weird situations. However, if you become tense after an awkward kiss, chances are your next kiss is going to be awkward too. Just relax. Everyone has had an awkward kiss at some point in their romantic life. It's just part and parcel of kissing. So take it in your stride, and don't over think it.

Follow It Up With a Great Kiss

As the saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again." Shake off an awkward kiss by going back in for a really good kiss. Be gentle and soft, and let the tension build as your second kiss turns into a third, and a fourth, and so on. Once you've gone from an awkward kiss to a sexy make-out, things might escalate to the point that you find yourself in need of some condoms – so be prepared. There's nothing like getting hot and heavy to call attention away from a bad kiss.

Focus on the Positives

Sometimes the issue is mental. Sure, your kiss might have been awkward, but there are positives you can focus on. For instance, you are two people who liked each other enough to kiss! And maybe you had a marvelous date leading up to the kiss. There's no reason to dwell on one strained moment, especially when your relationship is made up of so many other great ones.

Do Something Different

If you have an awkward kiss, you might not be game enough to go back for more straight away. So do something else instead. Go for a walk together and hold hands, or stop at a bar for a night cap. Take your date back to basics, and ease back into conversation and enjoying each other’s company – soon you’ll forget the pressure of the perfect kiss. Just being together can be a great remedy for awkwardness, and getting to know each other better can help you be not-so-awkward the next time.

Talk About It

Sometimes, the best way to clear the elephant out of the room is to acknowledge it. If you feel comfortable enough with the person you've kissed, address the fact that it was awkward. Give gentle suggestions, letting them know how you like being kissed. Likewise, listen to their suggestions for you. If you have an open and honest line of communication, you'll pass the awkward kiss hurdle in no time and develop a kissing style that suits you both.


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