5 Ways to Get Through that Awkward After-Sex Moment

Post-coitus doesn’t have to be awkward.

5 Ways to Get Through that Awkward After-Sex Moment

By: Zoe Wilder

Emotions are high, hormones are raging and blood is pumping after you both reach climax. As you tumble onto the bed, your lungs catch up and your heart-rate returns to normal, you may wonder, "What's next?" These post-coital tips will help you navigate that potentially awkward moment.

Clean Up Your Mess

Sex is messy. That's why it's a good idea to have a box of facial tissues and a wastebasket by the bed for easy access. You can quickly dispose of your condom by wrapping it up and throwing it away. This is an ideal time to help each other freshen up, either in the shower or bubble bath. Light some candles, put on soothing music and lather up.

To Cuddle or Not To Cuddle

After an energetic romp, the temptation to nestle up together may be strong, but not everyone is a cuddler. Sometimes, the act of snuggling can be more intimate than doing the deed. Before you wrap your partner in an embrace, invite her to stay a while and curl up with you. If she accepts your invitation without hesitation, you avoid a potentially uncomfortable moment. If she declines, don't be mad. She may just need more time to make that leap.

A Play-by-Play Saves the Day

Sex unearths a range of emotions. Afterward, you may feel vulnerable, questioning whether expectations were met. One way to get past this fleeting moment of insecurity is to recap your sexcapades with each other – besides, the recounting can be almost as fun. Let your lover know what position was your favorite. Find out what turned her on the most. A step-by-step dialogue allows you to relive the good times and gives you an opportunity to pay compliments. This process helps eliminate any doubts you may have had and sparks excitement for the next time.

Propose a Toast

You're beat. You need a break before reigniting that flame, but you're afraid she’ll leave if she gets bored. There's no need to sit there twiddling your fingers – you’ve both just worked up a voracious appetite. Grab a bottle of chilled wine from the refrigerator and place an order for delivery. Sipping on wine in bed while feeding each other scrumptious bites is the perfect way to prolong the fun and refuel.

Slow Down, Tiger

You're both feeling insatiable despite climaxing, and you're ready to go at it again. But if you jump back in the ring at full speed, you'll be huffing and puffing, struggling to perform. Avoid this potentially embarrassing situation by slowing your rhythm so you don't run out of breath (or stamina). Try a new position that doesn't require as much exertion. Keep a jug of water close by to stay hydrated and a bottle of Durex® Massage & Play Soothing Touch for your extended pleasure ride.


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