5 Things You Need to Know About Sex's Effects on the Body

Sex can affect your heart health, immune function and more.

5 Things You Need to Know About Sex's Effects on the Body

By: August McLaughlin

Sex does more than feel good and draw you and your partner closer. Arousal and climax can also enhance your overall wellness. Prioritize safety by using Durex® Avanti Bare RealFeel® Non-Latex Condoms according to the on-pack directions. Truth is, valuing both of your well-beings can be a huge turn on. Then enjoy the ride, knowing you're not only savoring the moment but inviting health perks, too.

Lowers Stress
Stressed out but not in the mood for yoga? Sexy play could help keep angst at bay. Arousal and orgasm both release feel-good chemicals in the brain and body, making way for relaxation. A little Zen is important because stress plays a role in heart health, nervous system function, muscle tenseness and more. Because stress can make sex less appealing — especially for women — warm up with a massage or extra foreplay.

Eases Pain and Inflammation
The range-of-motion exercise involved with getting busy lowers pain and inflammation. The endorphins released act as natural painkillers. All of this makes sex useful for managing conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis and headaches. If you or your partner are in active pain before you decide to strip down, avoid positions that could worsen it. If dryness is causing the issue, don't be shy about using a bit of Durex® Massage & Play Soothing Touch.

Provides Spicy Cardio
While it's no equivalent to a lengthy run, between-the-sheets play is exercise. A lengthy, vigorous romp could burn around 200 calories, according to Forbes on NBC, or the about the amount you'd burn by running 15 minutes on a treadmill or playing a game of squash. Less intense sex reportedly burns 85 to 100 calories per hour — or more, if you work hard to engage your core muscles. Your heartbeat could increase from 70 beats per minute to around 150 — talk about a cardio workout.

Strengthens Immune Function
Having sex regularly — about once per week — could help protect you from colds and the flu. Having sex with someone who has a bug could lead to you catching it, of course, but numerous studies show that sex boosts immune function. Psychologists believe this results from increased relaxation and interpersonal mingling. In other words, intimacy is great for your health.

Promotes Restful Sleep
There are reasons you're ready to snooze after climax. Not only does sex promote relaxation, but during orgasm, you release the hormone prolactin. Prolactin levels are higher during sleep, which suggests a strong link between sex and snoozing, according to Cindy M. Meston, director of the Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of Texas. If you or your partner gets particularly excited or physically active during sex, it may take longer to calm down and sleep. Once you do zone out, however, it's likely to be more restful.


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