5 Signs She's Faking It

Once you know the signs, you can turn a fake orgasm into the real thing.

5 Signs She's Faking It

By: Natasha Burton

Ask pretty much any woman, and she'll likely admit that she's faked an orgasm at least once in her life. It's nothing personal (usually). Sometimes things between the sheets just don't play out in a way that's working for a woman and, in those moments, the easiest thing for her to do is to pretend she's having the time of her life. If anything, a woman does it out of respect for the man; she doesn't want him to feel inadequate.

That said, most men would rather please their partners than just accept a fake orgasm. Once you know the signs, you can help the woman in your life achieve an actual climax by following a few basic tips.

Sign 1: She's "Climaxing" Super Quickly
The average woman takes anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to orgasm. So, if your partner is going through the motions at minute five, you can be pretty sure she's not actually climaxing. If this happens, go back to foreplay. Starting from the beginning will give her the time she needs to rev up and feel the real thing.

Sign 2: Her Sexy Sounds Sound Different
Another way to tell that your partner is faking it is if she's not making the sounds she typically makes in bed. Usually, this means that her sounds are louder and more like what you might hear in an adult film, and less like what you've heard when she's climaxing in real life. To help her get back on track, slow things down pace-wise — and even have her take the reigns on your body positioning and the speed — this will allow you to last longer and give her time to catch up.

Sign 3: Her Body Doesn't Match Her Moans
A woman usually gives clear involuntary signals when she's having an orgasm — her body will tense up in various places, particularly downstairs, her face and her hands — letting you know what's to come. If you feel like your partner is just lying there and not really feeling the action, switch things up by going down on her. By focusing your attention on her, she'll be more likely to feel pleasure, and you'll be able to jump back into the saddle when she's ready.

Sign 4: She's Not Flushed or Sweating
As far as physical signs go, this one is another key indicator: She might be too distracted or stressed to really get into the moment. To help her feel more at ease and in the present, consider pausing to give her a massage using Durex® Massage and Play Sensual, scratch her back or even trace her body with your fingers so she can connect with the sensation and feel turned on again.

Sign 5: She Doesn't Say Anything After
More often than not, your partner probably has something to say after a romp in the sack — or will, at the very least, offer a satisfied sigh. If you're not hearing anything, check in with her to see if you can keep the action going for her. Ask her to grab her vibrator, and you can be her all-too-willing assistant in helping her orgasm while she uses it.


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