5 Positions You Need to Try Now

Get creative with these five sex positions.

5 Positions You Need to Try Now

By: Zoe Wilder

Do you even Erotic V, bro? Didn't think so. When was the last time you picked up a copy of "The Kama Sutra"? You know, that great book of sex positions that reads like a bible of immense sexual exploration and prose? While lovely, it's a bit wordy – especially when you’re raring for a good romp between the sheets. Good thing for you, we've boiled down a few of the cheekier positions to something more palatable, and lest we say, metropolitan? Consider this the New Testament of Ecstasy.

The Neon Triangle

It's classic missionary with a twist where she does all the work. Instead of lying on top of her, lift yourself onto all fours. While she's on her back, she'll have to lift herself up to you to commence doing the deed. Once penetration happens, she'll continue to thrust. Both new and exciting, enlightenment achieved.

The Plow

Excuse the farm references, but this position brings out the bull. She's on her back, legs straight up in the air, knees and feet together. Standing at the edge of the bed so your pelvic heights match, grab her ankles and get after it. Her legs held together like so increases friction for you both. For a little variation, she can open her legs, sit up, and rest her ankles on your shoulders, and voila Erotic V. Sow those seeds, farm boy.

The Superman

This is a variation on The Plow, only this can be done with you both on the bed. As she lies on her back, feet and legs extended high, a gentle bend at the knees will start to bring her thighs toward her chest and ankles toward her head. At this moment, you can help guide her body into a curve by gently cupping her bottom with your hands. Pull slightly toward you and upwards; this props her most pleasurable places up like lunch on a silver platter. Now it's up to you, Wonderboy. You can dive in face first, or proceed to go full-in, arms outstretched ahead, grasping her neck or a pillow, leaving the weight of your lower body to help penetrate her more deeply. The best move is to transition between oral and penetration, like the true hero you are.

The City Boy

We like this one because it can be done virtually anywhere: small spaces, on the couch, the edge of the bed, your choice. It's basically Reverse Cowgirl in a seated position. With you sitting on a lip, ledge, or edge of the bed, she can back up onto you, bending at her own pace to control the pleasure. Not only is it a good view, it's also hands free. Both of you can get creative with those digits. Implement the City Boy with The Silencer – one hand gently over her mouth to quell the moans. Don't wake the neighbors!

The 2069

This is the future of sex. While "The Kama Sutra" is believed to be written somewhere near 400 B.C., its author, guru Vātsyāyana, never would have envisioned things like the Durex Play Ring of Bliss™. Try the 69, you know, where you're on your back, she's on top, inverted, so your lips are perfectly matched for oral. Then add your favorite toys to the mix for future sex fun. Enjoy.



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