5 Places to Have a Quickie

When the urge strikes you, don't let the lack of a bed turn you off.

5 Places to Have a Quickie

By: Kat George

When the urge strikes you, don't let the lack of a bed turn you off.

Sometimes lust calls and you can't ignore it, even if time or location isn’t working in your favor. That's why mankind invented the quickie: sex that's sexy because it's spontaneous, fast, passionate and often covert. Whether the mood strikes when you’re at home with your partner but only have minutes to spare, or you’re out and about and an unexpected kiss gets you feeling frisky and hot, it’s easy enough to find the perfect place for a quick, heated encounter.

In the Kitchen

Because so much of domestic life happens in the kitchen, it can be the perfect setting for spur-of-the-moment sex when there's no one else around. So if you're dashing off to work and catch your partner's lingering stare, instead of grabbing that extra cup of coffee, why not grab your partner instead? Then head to the counter, the table or a bar stool for a breakfast quickie that's a perfect way to start the day.

In the Shower

Life is busy, and we're always rushing here and there. So how about taking a couple of minutes to multitask in the shower? While you're getting clean before you head to a social event together, you might as well get a little dirty, too. It's the sexiest time saver around.

In the Back Seat of the Car

Long drives can be hellish, so when you're taking one with your partner and want to spice things up, pull over to a secluded spot and climb into the backseat. Then unbuckle, unzip and get moving for a quickie that will most definitely put an end to the monotony of the road trip.

In the Woods

Hiking with your partner is the perfect opportunity to commune with nature and stir your passions. Once you're into the woods by that secluded lake, slip out of your pants – and do it up against a tree or in the water. Use Durex's Intense Sensation™ to deepen the experience, but be sure to take your litter with you.

In an Elevator

This is probably the riskiest, but also the most arousing, fantasy quickie location. We wouldn't suggest it in a busy building where people constantly ride the elevators, or in a new elevator with security cameras in it, but that doesn't mean you should write if off. If you ever find yourself in an old-fashioned elevator with manually closing iron gates for doors, consider it a sign. Press your partner up against the elevator wall, and feel the excitement as you go up and down as quickly as possible.




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