4 Foolproof Ways to Ask a Girl Out on a Date

You may have only one chance – be sure to take it

4 Foolproof Ways to Ask a Girl Out on a Date

By: Zoe Wilder

Something strange happens when you see a pretty girl. Time stands still. Thoughts wander. Motor skills weaken. It's as if she's put you under a spell. This is no time to falter, though. You need to break through the distraction, tear your eyes away from her attractive gaze and compose yourself. After all, you want to ask her out on a date before she slips through your fingers. Sometimes, you'll only have a moment – be sure to make it count.

Sincere Approach
Many men feel as if they need to "wow" a woman with funny dialogue or impress her with material possessions. However, a sincere exchange will drive your point home better than a silly joke or fancy car. If you're confident in your own skin, she'll be able to pick up on that and will be more responsive to what you have to say. Take a deep breath. Smile. Find a common ground. Once you've got a sense of who she is, ask her if she'd like to hang out.

Creative Approach
Creativity is a big turn on. Think outside the box and make this moment memorable. Bake a cake, and write "Will you go out with me?" in icing. Or, plaster your date proposal on the Jumbotron during the big game. Whatever you do, make sure you stand out. She'll be so intrigued by your special brand of innovation that you may want to come prepared for the date with a condom – you never know where a little creativity might lead.

Indirect Approach
Sometimes being direct and to the point can be too forward or sudden. Depending upon the woman, it may be necessary to try the indirect approach instead. Using this method takes a bit of the pressure off, and sometimes it's as simple as finding a common interest. You: "The club on the corner is having a poetry slam tonight." Her: "I love poetry slams! I'll have to check it out one of these days." You: "The poet tonight is really awesome. Why don't we go? My treat!"

I've Got Something You Want Approach
Sometimes you need to present an offer she simply cannot refuse, such as backstage passes to her favorite band's concert or reservations to the most popular restaurant in town. You'll need to know her likes and passions well enough to pull this one off. Be sure to spend a little time getting to know her without putting any pressure on a date. Then, present an opportunity she won't be able to resist.


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