10 Places on a Man's Body That Women Love

From eyes to arms, the male body is hot to a woman.

10 Places on a Man's Body That Women Love

By: Zoe Wilder

For centuries, master artists and lustful lovers have been drooling over the masculine form. And it's little wonder – from Michelangelo's David to professional footballer David Beckham, there's plenty to appreciate about the male body. Irresistible and alluring features, both obvious and understated, keep a woman's blood pumping and her breaths quick. Check out the 10 places on a man's body that drive women wild.

Nape of the Neck
There's something so innocent and irresistible about the nape of a man's neck. When diving in for a kiss, a woman can catch a whiff of pheromones mixed with cologne and shampoo, creating a unique blend that's all your own. Plus, it’s always steamy when soft lips brush against the sensitive skin on that area.

A chiseled chin is always a win-win in a woman's eyes. Strong features scream sexy, making her pay attention. The chin can stop her in her tracks when she spots you from across the room. What comes next is up to you – think of something witty to say before she gets to you.

Eyes are the windows to the soul and the key to melting her heart while making her weak in the knees. When words fail, an emotive look with your eyes will do the trick every time.

A woman won't always admit it, but she can't help but objectify a man from time to time –especially when she's in the presence of a round rump. The temptation may be too tough to fight, so don't be surprised when she gives it a squeeze.

Strong arms lead to strong embraces and hours of cuddling enjoyment. The desire to feel safe, loved and adored is universal. When you're down, a hug will lift you up. When you're happy, a hug will celebrate the joy. Not to mention, you never know when a hug could lead to more.

When things get frisky and she assists you with slipping on a Durex® Avanti Bare RealFeel® Non-Latex Condom, she can't help but sneak a long glance on what's going on down there. Can you blame her? A physical manifestation of how a man feels on the inside is always hot.

Ear Lobes
Teasing is an important component to foreplay. Women have learned that one of the best ways to achieve the perfect tease is a gentle tug and nibble at your soft and sumptuous earlobe.

Lips are a well-known erogenous zone. Whether you're whispering sweet somethings, giving passionate kisses or saying "I love you" for the first time, the lips play a huge role between lovers.

Women love a man who can dance. The hips drive the pelvis that drive the package that make the women swoon. Consider the magical hips on Channing Tatum – they commanded the eyes and hearts of female moviegoers from all over the world.

A strong hand can do so much to show a woman how much you care. When placing a few drops of Durex® Massage & Play Soothing Touch along your lover's back for a much-needed rub down, she can't help but melt under your strong yet gentle touch.


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