10 DIY Ways To Convert Your Home Into An Exotic Date Location

Travel the globe without leaving your home.

10 DIY Ways To Convert Your Home Into An Exotic Date Location

You don't need to traipse the globe to spice up your date night. Here are some suggestions for creating a new and exciting atmosphere right in the comfort of your own home.


1. Make your own Moroccan-style lanterns.

Moroccan Lanterns

Image by Shutterstock

Give it a truly foreign feel — make sure you're using some unusual stuff that wouldn't normally be found laying around your home. Learn how here.


2. Have an indoor picnic.

Indoor Picnic

Source: | Mathieu |  /  via: matriver 

Spread a blanket out in the living room. Make some s'mores on the stove and set up a nice fondue pot.


3. Cook some seriously other-worldly food, like this spicy Thai soup.

Spicy Thai Soup

Source: Clay Irving  /  via: clayirving 

You know where you and your partner come from -- and where you've never been. Pick a new type of cuisine and experiment with it. Really push the both of you out of your comfort zones and try new things -- like you would on a vacation to an exotic destination. Try this recipe.


4. Make your own indoor canopy.

Indoor Canopy

Source: Becca  /  via: flickr.com 

Find out how here.


5. Throw on some music the two of you don't normally listen to. Try some Coltrane, or some Arturo Sandoval.

New Music

Source: Arun Katiyar  /  via: arunkatiyar 

Enhance the feeling of being in a strange place by trading in the usual sonic fare for something a little more foreign to your space. 


6. Make a champagne cocktail, or something with a little fruit garnish.

Champagne Cocktail

Photo By Aaron Polsky

Like one of the after-work drinks from our list.


7. Burn some incense.


Source: isado  /  via: isadocafe 

You'll want everything in the room to have a foreign feel. If you're utilizing a common space, make it smell unique.


8. Make a chandelier with some icicle lights and a hula hoop.


Source: Kenneth Lu  /  via: toasty 

Find out how here. You can also use them to make egg carton lights outside.


9. Make your own DIY porcelain roses for decoration.

Porcelain Roses

Source: cantstopmakingthings.com 

Learn how here.


10. Cut the cords. Turn off your cell phones, and unplug the landlines.

Cut the Lines

Image by Shutterstock 

This is the one most people forget. You could do all of the above and really set the mood in a perfect way, only to have it ruined by interruptions from the outside world. If you were really that far from home, the office and your friends and your family and everyone wouldn't be able to reach you with a simple text message. An hour or two of radio silence won't kill you, and it will certainly help the intimacy go to a whole new level.

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