Our full line of Durex Condoms, Lubricants and Vibrators makes for a full range of possibilities for you and yours truly. Discover condom sizes and styles you didn't even know you were missing and give Durex Lubricants a try - you'll be surprised how they add to and enhance your experience.

Durex® Condoms

Protection and so much more.

With our wide range of Durex® condoms, you and your partner are sure to find one that suits your pleasures. Discover why Durex® condoms are designed to excite and enhance couples' sexual experience, and choose the best fit and condom style for the both of you.

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Push all the right buttons.

Our adult toys and vibrators are designed by our Durex® experts with every couple in mind. Experiment with these bedroom toys to ensure you and your partner are rubbed the right way. Even if past experiences have left you skeptical, at least one of our vibrators for women are bound to please.

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Putting the play in foreplay.

Our always evolving range of Durex® Lubricants are designed to transform every touch into a tantalizing tease. See for yourself why Durex® personal lubricant is the best lubricant to enhance pleasure and provide stress relief from any female lubrication issues.

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