Sex Survey Results

In a 2012 Durex Sex Survey, 1,000 American adults were asked to divulge how they really felt about sex, their partner's performance, and a whole lot more. See how you compare with these sex survey results.

More fun facts about the sex life of American adults:

  • Half are dissatisfied with their bedroom escapades.
  • 37% feel that their time between the sheets ends too quickly.
  • 37% have also said they hardly ever, or never, "cross the finish line" at the same time as their partner.
  • 75% have rendezvoused in an adventurous locale.
  • 65% of American adults have gotten hot 'n' heavy in a car. 35% have taken more than a dip in a pool and 31% have bared it all on a beach.
  • 65% daydream about making love more often outside of the bedroom.